Jun 1, 2011

Welcome To The Kid’s World!

Kids are the symbol of blessing; they enlighten your world. But with great pleasure comes great responsibility, after my child’s birth I had the hectic duty of buying products for them.

As we only need to buy them after a kid is born, we are not accustomed to them. Sometimes we don’t even know what products are necessary or what their specifications are.

This is why the shopping process becomes even more hassling. But if you have the proper ideas about the products, the job becomes easier.

While buying the products for my kids, I decided to review on my blog the must-have products you will need when you have a child of your own.


There is no replacement for strollers when you have to take your toddlers outside. Whether you are riding a car or you are having a slow walk with your dear baby, a good stroller is a must have.

There are basically two types of stroller; one is the stroller, which you use for having a daily walk or just taking them out.

Another type is the joggers, which you use when you take your baby for a morning jog or run.

In regular strollers, there are two types; one is single another in double. In general, you only need to know about the single one, but as I had twins, I had to know about the best deals on double strollers as well.

Here are the descriptions on what the good deals usually have in them.

Single Strollers

Baby Jogger City Mini Single StrollerThe single strollers are the comfortable companion for both you and your baby.

The most common sizes are designed to carry kids from 45lbs to 50lbs and of height 40 to 45.

They can be held by one hand only and they have effective self-standing feature, this might sound as negligible features now, but when you will be tired of pushing the stroller, they will come in to be very handy.

The seats are padded with soft and spongy cushions, which ensure comfort and shock absorption.

The wheels have locks on and you can swivel them to move easily. The strollers usually have convertible three or 5-point harness, which makes sure the stroller, grows with your kid.

Most of the strollers also have cup holders and canopies for shading and protecting the subtle skins of your baby.

Double Strollers

graco quattro tour duo double strollerThere isn’t much distinction between the features of single and double strollers.

The handles are bigger and have better built in grip. In general, normal double strollers can carry kids weighting from 35lbs to 40 lbs.

Both of the seats have safety harnesses and separate canopy shades.

The tires are easily coordinated and self-standing.

Best Pink Baby Strollers

Pink Evenflo Aura Select Travel SystemPink is the color of tenderness and sensitivity, which makes it the best color for something as precious as a baby stroller.

Many manufacturers offer great pink baby strollers. Built to be very light in weight with easy to use functions that are accessible at any time, these strollers are reliable and long-lasting.

Strollers in pink are available from several different brands, as such as Bugaboo, Quinny, and UPPAbaby to see to your child’s comfort.

These strollers are literally the incarnation of a sweet dream that will lull your baby in the best sense of comfort. They are available in various designs and prices to help you choose the most affordable one.

Starting from $50 to $800, the prices have never been more affordable. Parents with twins need to worry no longer, as some of these brands, such as Dream on Me, also offer double strollers in pink for twins with twice the comfort.

All these strollers are very pleasing to look at, which is definitely helpful in building up the knowledge of beauty in the premature minds.

Best Maclaren Strollers

Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller Limited Edition DenimBaby strollers are one of the most important tools in the life of a parent. Not only do they make your lives easier by enabling you to travel with your child in ease, they also ensure your child’s safety and comfort.

Maclaren is one such brand that offers many different types of baby strollers.

These strollers come in a variety of colors and some of their models have some very useful features, such as a waterproof hood to shield your child from the rain.

Amazon offers more than a 100 different models of Maclaren strollers, each with its own set of unique features. Maclaren also provides a solution for parents with twins, with their range of Maclaren Twin Strollers.

All of these strollers come in many colors as such as black, champagne, medieval blue, spicy orange, silver, and carmine rose. Do not let these features intimidate you, as they are also very affordable.

The prices range from $60 to $450, making these strollers affordable and a must have for your baby.

Best UPPAbaby Strollers

UPPABaby G-Luxe StrollerUPPAbaby is known to produce excellent everyday home appliances, and to specialize in baby strollers.

Their strollers are among the top most preferred strollers by customers because of their sleek, stylish designs and the comfort that they offer.

These easy to use strollers are available on Amazon in various colors as such as black, silver, red, blue, grey and mauve.

Some of their stroller models, as such as the UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, is also available in teal and purple and has special features which include an SPF 50 sunshade.

With premium quality features, these strollers are generally on the more expensive side; but they also offer strollers for as cheap as about $30.

Their best strollers start from $100 and go as high up as $900. This popular brand offers the best that can be bought for your baby, so it is guaranteed that purchasing one of UPPAbaby’s strollers is going to be worth every penny you spend.

Best Peg Perego Strollers

Peg Perego Pliko 4 DenimPeg Perego has produced some sensational models in the line of baby strollers. Online retailers offer a broad range of these fantastic strollers which come in several different colors, features and designs.

Not only are these strollers easy to use, but they are equipped with the gentlest riding mechanisms that will remove all bumps and collisions for the baby riding inside.

Available in blue, black, brown, white, grey, green, and red; Peg Perego has also produced strollers for twins and triplets with fully reclining backrests.

These strollers all have padded interiors to ensure a comfortable ride for your baby. One such stroller is the Peg Perego Si Stroller which includes special wheels to reduce friction, which makes driving the stroller super easy.

All of Peg Perego’s strollers are also built in such a way that the user will never have to hassle with annoying lack of spaces to put things as it also includes a space to hang things that can be used to keep the child entertained with a favorite toy.

These strollers come in various prices ranging from $130 to $2,200, so take your pick!

Travel Systems and Car Seats

When you’re a new parent with a tiny toddler by our side and are planning on going out, it is always a good idea to take your child with you.

But if you’re driving a car, that might be difficult, because then you get confused. Will you pay attention to your child? Or to the road ahead?

Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat Desert PalmWith the advent of car seats and travel systems, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

These gorgeous car seats like Britax Frontier 90 are made specifically to suit a toddler’s needs. They come in a variety of colors with a sturdy framework to absorb impact and are available at attractive prices with added discounts. You can get them in stores, or order them online on Amazon.

To the added benefit of shopping from home, Amazon offers you the choice of having it delivered within a day.

The colors of these strollers range from an attractive midori green to a fox red color and are produced by popular brands like Britax and Baby Frontier.

Most of the strollers have metal frames for sturdiness, lids to protect from rain and sunlight, and with one-fold technology, the strollers can be folded and carried around easily.

The travel system combines the best features of strollers and car seats. Basically it s a stroller with detachable seat that can be used separately as a car seat.

So while you’re considering what brand to buy for your child, take a stroll around these categories.

Baby Monitors

Thousands of things keep going on your mind when you have a kid, you don’t need to increase your tension by worrying about your infant’s safety.

Baby monitor is like an angel in disguise when it’s about assuring your baby’s safety. You can keep an eye on them without even being with them for 24/7.

Most common and used baby monitors have mobile or PC controlled systems. They can be controlled via your mobile phone or portable devices. You can even use wifi connections on many good monitors.

They have in built motion detector and night vision. Along with audio recording, some of them have microphones too. I would recommend you to go for them as at night times you can talk to them if necessary.

The monitors are usually run by AC supply but to be sure, buy the ones with battery support.