UPPABaby G-Luxe Lightweight Umbrella Stroller Reviews

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller is the answer to all your outdoor needs with all the modern amenities you need whenever you want to go out to the park or buy supplies at the store.

UPPABaby G-Luxe pushchairYou can now have your child with you with less hassle and more comfort and security when you strap him in a G-Luxe Stroller from UPPAbaby.

Great Protection For Your Kid

Parents are always meticulous when it comes to things for their kids. They search for the right stroller that will provide comfort and safety to their kids as well as protection from harsh weather.

Nowadays, there are a lot of strollers out in the market so you better look close as to which you should purchase.

Your kids are well-protected from sun and rain by the canopy of this stroller. The canopy features an extension with SPF 50 sun protection so your kid doesn’t get burned by the summer sun. This canopy is also adjustable and you can retract it if you want to.


  • Keep your baby happy always and bring along his snacks and favorite toys. The basket is readily accessible to you so you can pick up his things without difficulty.
  • There is also the one-hand recline that makes it even more convenient for you if your kid needs to take a nap while in the stroller.
  • There is shock-absorbing suspension for the front and back wheels so your baby is snug and comfy inside the stroller while you maneuver the aisles of the store or the busy streets of the city.
  • To prevent toe stubs that ruin your pedicure, the rear frame is elevated and it also helps you to push the stroller a whole lot easier.
  • Lightweight aluminum is used for the frame and the handles come with ergonomic grips for your own comfort as well. The fabric is fade-resistant so it will still look new despite your use. This UPPAbaby pushchair is suitable for babies 30 months old up until they gain 40 pounds.
  • With the umbrella fold system and the amazing lightness of this stroller, you will find that it is very convenient to bring outside.
  • The stroller stand when it is folded and open up with the opening triggers that are conveniently at level with your hand.

Available Colors

  • Red
  • Harrison
  • Black Jake
  • Denny
  • Green Maddy
  • Jake
  • Maddy
  • Red Denny
  • Navy Harrison

Customer Reviews

Most of the praise that has been directed to G-Luxe Stroller is due to its specific niche: It is an umbrella stroller.

While that may not sound too alluring at first, a relaxing shade and protection from sunlight and rain is something all baby carts should definitely have, and they are features that are sure to make any baby happy.

After all, isn’t that the main reason parents bother using a stroller in the first place? Other than this uniqueness, this pushchair has been garnered to be a lightweight tool that can be folded easily. The baskets and the suspension wheels make it both helpful and safe, while giving the parents a lot of ease in using the stroller.

However, complaints have arisen regarding the seat of this model, which apparently is not deep enough for the proper placement of a baby’s whole body.